What do our customers have to say about us?

CC IT is a long term partner for us. Together we have been able to grow through a close dialogue and their broad competence. Our responsible consultant has helped us with everything from simple support matters to greater orientation issues when it comes to our IT. They act as our IT department.

AB Rörläggaren

Richard Olsson, VD

Together with CC IT, we have found a flexible way of working where we quickly get help with urgent support matters. At the same time, the work of improving and securing the future of both hardware and the infra side, as well as the software and service side is ongoing.
We have high demands on system and safety, and CC IT has consultants and technicians who understand that and our business structure. There is also a continuity in our partnership that creates a safe ground for a sustainable and long lasting partnership.



Andreas Karlsson, CFO

We have a great partnership with CCIT and we always receive excellent quality service in both support and delivery. They are diligent in making sure to get to know us, our needs and what we do. They always show great engagement and exceptional customer focus, through being available, willing and able to help out when needed. World class service to say the least.



Johan Beermann, VD

We have finally found an IT-partner who listens and understands what we need, sometimes even before we even know it.
CC IT has experienced staff that are a great fit with our team and values. We definitely recommend CC IT who consistently helps us adapt our IT-environment to our needs and requirements.


Svar Life Science

Cecilia Björklund, CFO