Sustainable IT

What is Sustainable IT?

Technology has increasingly become a “wear and tear” product. Every year more and more people want the latest model of a phone, computer or tablet. This is despite the fact that the technology in the current older product is only marginally inferior in quality and probably lasts for several more years. With this observation it has become clear for us that it is time for our industry to become more sustainable.

Therefore, we have chosen to make a total review of how we want to act in the market today. We have reviewed our entire way of working as well the products that we offer our customers. Of course we offer recycled hardware in our range. We also have in our car policy that everyone should drive at least a hybrid car. As much as possible, we should also be able to help our customers remotely to reduce unnecessary travel that weighs on the environment. But we do not think that is enough.

When our customers have finally used up their hardware , we can help take it back, reuse it and give it new life. The customer then also receives a sustainability report that demonstrates environmental benefits made thanks to this procedure. These figures can then be used in everything from annual reports to marketing materials and in other profile / branding materials.

One of the things that we are most proud of is that we can optimize our customers IT - environment to create as low a climate footprint as possible. Our consultants always think one step further and can take a bigger grip than just pure technology. We always advocate cloud services to reduce unnecessary operating time on servers. Thanks to our close collaboration with Microsoft we can for example via Azure set operating times based on our customers’ work patterns, to provide as low energy consumption as possible.

You’re probably thinking: “I can’t save THAT much on a used computer.” Let’s present some figures on what this can actually save the environment:

When buying a climate - smart, recycled unit compared to a newly produced one, you save:

  • Desktop - 470kg CO2 *
  • TV-, or Computer screen under 33” - 440kg CO2 *

If we translate these figures, it is a saving of about 500 miles driven with the new Volvo V90 D5. That’s almost ten one-way trips between Stockholm and Malmö, on ONE computer. Imagine what we can achieve together if we can help all our customers, including you to work this way.

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* (Source: IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet)